• Cashen did a fabulous job on our windows inside and out! He takes his time and does it right!!
    Carrie C.
  • Cashen was prompt, friendly, fair and trustworthy. I really enjoyed having him, plus he did a great job. thank you so much!
    Alicia Swift
  • Had our exterior windows cleaned. He did an excellent job. Would highly recommend.
    Lori Henderson
  • Cashin was extremely professional and did a great job cleaning my home's windows, inside and out! We had extremely hard water on the windows from about 10-11 years of not having them professionally cleaned and he was able to get them looking clear and fantastic! Thank you so much, Cashin, for your incredible customer service!
    Michelle Grice
  • I have been using his service to clean the windows for my office and he always does a great job. Very friendly and professional, would highly recommend!
    Idaho Leads
  • My previous window washer didn't want the job so Cashen was referred. He did an absolutely amazing job. He was prompt, courteous the price was better than highly competitive. I had gotten a bid from one of the window cleaning outfits on Groupon. They wanted over $600 and Cashen did it for less than a third of that. Recommend him highly.
    Shannon Ewing
  • Strongly suggest H2Oasis, Cashen came in with great customer services and gave us a rundown of his background with his cleaning services. He did a fabulous job with Chardoney's Brew Lane Coffee and will definitely recommend to anyone looking for top notch window cleaning.
    Chardoney Juarez
  • H2Oasis cleans the windows for my business. Cashen keeps us looking great! My building is a challenge.. as I have big south west facing windows that show every speckle of dirt and dust. Cashen is easy to get ahold of and returns my call or texts quickly. He also cleaned my gutters and did a few minor gutter repairs! H2Oasis is definitely an asset to me business!
    Laurie Gibson
  • He takes care of our windows, very detail orientated.
    Rosie Smith
  • Great honest friendly service.
    Chris Munoz
  • Punctual, personable, proficient, and anxious to please.
    Gary Condon
  • Very professional, good eye for detail , and very trustworthy . Highly recommend
    Genaro Guzman