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H2Oasis is Your go to source for everything related to Dryer Ventilation System Maintenance. We are a Fully insured and 5 star rated company providing comprehensive dryer vent cleaning. We clean Dryer Vents in Caldwell, Nampa, Eagle, Middleton, Star, Meridian and in Boise Idaho. A Properly Cleaned dryer vent is vital to the safety of your home and insures there are no hazards related to poorly kept dryer systems.

Many risks are involved with unkept dryer vents. Too many families are still at risk and are unaware of the dangers in and around their dryer and dryer vent. Professionals agree that a regular cleaning be done 12-18 months to prevent bird nests and lint and debris and fire hazards to stay clear.

The National Fire Protection Association reports over 15,000 dryer fires and from these fires over 30 deaths occur on a yearly basis. It is very Unfortunate that these fires and deaths happen. H2Oasis is skilled at cleaning dryer vents. We are knowledgeable in all code compliant techniques. We remove all lint debris and blockages at time of cleanings that may potentially start a fire.

H2Oasis Can help maintain your dryer vent on a annual schedule at a very affordable price.

What we offer:

• code compliant inspections
• knowledgeable dryer vent cleaning
• dryer vent repairs
• exterior vent cover installation
• bird nest removal
• dryer vent rerouting

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